[Can you eat without going to shrimp line]_ impact _ harm

[Can you eat without going to shrimp line]_ impact _ harm

It is best to remove the shrimp line when eating shrimp, because the shrimp line itself will affect the taste. In addition, the dirty things in the shrimp line may contain heavy metals. It is not good for people to eat in the stomach. People with sensitive constitution or weak stomachs comeIt may cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Especially the shrimp meat overnight, if not eaten in time, the dirt inside the shrimp line will cause the growth of germs, which often pays off.

Now tell you that certain parts of the shrimp can’t be eaten: 1.

Shrimp line Generally speaking, the internal digestive system of shrimps is easy to accumulate heavy metals. The shrimp line should be pulled out before cooking. The shrimp line on the back of the shrimp is an undischarged waste of shrimp. If you eat it, there will be mud in the mouth.It smells bad and affects appetite. It is not healthy.


Shrimp heads are usually cooked as a whole piece of shrimp during cooking, so many people eat them together, but the problem comes-during the growth of shrimp, some harmful metals will be deposited on the head. If eaten,Harmful metals can also endanger people’s health (especially now in the artificial farming phase).


Shrimp gills and shrimp heads mainly contain shrimp’s internal organs such as stomach, liver and heart.

The most “dirty” place that everyone says is actually in the cheek of shrimp.

Shrimp is mainly filtered by the gills, so harmful substances are concentrated on the gills and the body surface, so it is best not to use the part above the gills when eating.


Under the condition that it is not clear whether the shrimp is clean, you should eat it less, preferably not.

According to relevant experiments, shrimp meat is very safe, and there is no heavy metal pollution. However, in some samples, the brain ‘s heavy metals will exceed the standard, and shrimp yellow is located on the head, which is easy to be polluted.

Shrimp yellow is a gonad that is linked to the liver and is more susceptible to contamination.

How should the shrimp be cleaned and how to remove the shrimp line?

Let me explain in detail how to properly handle a shrimp.

The shrimp line is the digestive tract of the shrimp, behind the shrimp.

Some are very dark, and some are very pale. They are almost invisible and have something to do with the dirt in them.

The shrimp line is not only because there is dirt in the digestive tract of the shrimp (this is the same as the way we go to fish gills and crab gills), but also because the shrimp line affects the taste, especially when steamed and glutinous.

Shrimp line contains bitter substances, which will mask the sweet taste of fresh shrimp under transformation.

If it is spicy and stir-fried, because it has a strong taste, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go for the shrimp line.

It is recommended to remove it when eating.