Someone pays for my slim recipe

Someone pays for my slim recipe


The first influence I gave was a word “skinny.”

Eleven of the ten people said: ” Eat more, so thin.”

Directly depressed, let me take the root noodles to hang.

  So, ask people how to increase the fertilizer.

  Someone replied: “Normal work, three meals a day is also normal.

“I think it’s true.

I am going to sleep during the day and go to play at night.

There are no rules for three meals a day.


Worth trying.

  After a month, I used the confidence to scale the scales.


It’s really heavy, it’s 0.

1 kg.


keep it up.

  After another month.

Elated to scale the scales.

Stand up and see, faint!

No increase in return, lighter 0.

2 pounds, that fire is big.

Grandma’s fierceness was fooled by the kid for two months.

  So I was so imposing to find the kid to ask: “Grandma’s, you are not saying normal work, three meals a day is normal.

I am so I sleep at 10 o’clock every night, get up at 8 o’clock in the morning, five meals a day, how can I not increase back?

“The kid said depressedly: “Brother, you see that I have grown 20 kilograms in two months, and I am miserable when I grow up.”

Then I asked me with two eyes: “Brother, do you have any secret recipes, or you can’t eat fat, tell me.”

Otherwise, I will pay you to buy it.





Help me!

I don’t want to gain weight!

Don’t bother me!

Who told me how to increase fat!