[Can auntie eat kelp]_ eat kelp _ menstruation _ influence

[Can auntie eat kelp]_ eat kelp _ menstruation _ influence

Women call the monthly holiday that comes every month as the grandmother. When every period comes, women should do good nursing work. Do not eat cold food and do not do too much physical labor. Because at this timeThe body is relatively weak and it is easy to get sick, especially in diet, but can I eat kelp when I am aunt?

The kelp is rich in nutrients, so it can be eaten during this period.

Can you eat kelp during menstruation? You can eat kelp during menstruation.

Kelp is a common vegetable with high nutritional value and has certain medicinal value.

Kelp contains transient concentrations and is rich in minerals, of which the content of iodine is very high.

Eating kelp can resist radiation, delay aging, strengthen the brain and refresh the stomach, and gradually regulate immunity, lower blood sugar, remove lead and detoxify, and prevent oxidation.

Kelp also has a laxative and detoxifying effect. In addition to supplementing the nutrition needed by the kelp during menstruation and improving the body’s immunity, it is also beneficial to the body.

In addition, kelp contains iron, which happens to be lost during menstruation.

So you can eat iron-containing kelp appropriately.

However, it should be noted that kelp is also cold, so you should not eat too much. You must strictly control the amount of food to avoid discomfort during menstruation.

Some precautions when eating kelp in your daily life 1. Don’t take kelp as a staple food. You can’t take kelp as a staple food for a long time. This will absorb too much iodine and will also affect your health.

Moreover, kelp contains a certain amount of nitrate, and excessive arsenic can cause poisoning.

Therefore, before eating kelp, it should be rinsed with water to make dissolved water.

2. Don’t drink tea immediately after eating kelp, don’t drink tea immediately after eating kelp, and don’t eat sour fruit immediately, because kelp is rich in iron, the above two foods will absorb iron in the body.

3. Do not repeatedly soak kelp before eating soaked kelp, because the soaking time is too long, nutrients in the kelp, such as vitamins, inorganic salts, etc. will also be dissolved in water, and the nutritional value will be reduced.

If the kelp is not properly cooked after being soaked in water, it means that it has deteriorated and can no longer be eaten.

Chinese medicine believes that those with kelp coldness and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat.

4, can not eat a, persimmon with the following foods.

Kelp and persimmons are in the same phase, in which the insoluble conjugate is formed when eaten together, which may cause uncomfortable inflow.

Alkaline calcium ion kelp is eaten with persimmons with a lot of acid implanted. The calcium ions in kelp can be combined with the acid intake of persimmons to form insoluble conjugates, which easily affect the digestion and absorption of certain nutrients and cause metabolic tract discomfort.

Therefore, kelp should not be eaten with persimmons.

b, pig blood.

Kelp and pig blood are in grams, eating both together is not conducive to digestion and absorption, leading to constipation.

c, Licorice.

Kelp should not be eaten with licorice.

Kelp is a salty, cold and slippery food, and is rich in iodine, which easily causes adverse reactions with certain ingredients in licorice.

Licorice replenishes qi and strengthens the spleen. When paired with sweet and warm products, kelp is salty and cold. Therefore, when taking licorice, you must fasten sea vegetables.

d, sour fruit.

Kelp and sour fruits can cause stomach upset.

It is not advisable to eat sour fruits immediately after eating kelp, because if the fatty acids in kelp are not washed out, the vitamin C in sour fruits interacts with arsenic and easily forms toxic substances.

Furthermore, sour fruits contain plant acids, kelp is rich in iron, and plant acids can prevent iron absorption in the body.

e, acidic food.

Kelp is an alkaline food and it is best not to eat it with acidic foods.

Such as egg yolk, cheese, dessert, sugar, tuna, flounder; ham, bacon, chicken, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat and so on.

Editor’s summary: The above content is a large number of comprehensive, multiple professional answers for whether you can eat kelp as a liquid during menstruation!

The article gives us a positive answer, kelp means a lot of essential nutrients for the body for menstrual women.

It is beneficial, so grasp the relevant situation of food with kelp, and you can enjoy the food safely!