[Encyclopedia of various methods of breast porridge]_ Drink porridge _ how to do

[Encyclopedia of various methods of breast porridge]_ Drink porridge _ how to do

Having plump black hair is a great pride and capital for women.

Many girls dream of having plump breasts, but the reality is not that satisfactory.

Although the technology is advanced and there are many breast enhancement surgeries, there are hidden risks. How can breast augmentation be achieved without any alternative?

Breast enhancement through diet, of course!

The following is to teach you a variety of methods of breast porridge.

[1]Angelica peanut porridge material: wolfberry, peanut kernel, angelica, millet.

Method: Mince the peanut kernels, slice the angelica, wash the wolfberry and millet separately for later use.

Pour the millet into the pot and cook for 20 minutes, add angelica flakes, ground peanuts and wolfberry, cook for another 30 minutes until it is thick and ready to eat!

Tip: This angelica peanut porridge is most effective after menstruation. If you eat it for a week, you will see obvious breast enhancement effect.

Peanuts have a prolactin effect, and it can nourish blood with Angelica wolfberry!

Create breast enhancement effect to the extreme.

[2]Walnut Jade Congee Ingredients: West Valley Rice, Walnut, Candy, Milk.

Method: After the sago rice is cooked and ready for use, add sweets and milk to taste, then fry the walnuts, grind the flour and add it to the sago rice and milk candy porridge.

Tip: Walnut is a nutritious food with very high protein. Walnut has a significant effect on breast enhancement and also has a brain-enhancing effect.

Walnut is rich in amino acid substances, which can supplement the amino acids needed by the human body.

[3]Red dates and wolfberry porridge porridge materials: wolfberry, red dates, soybean milk, corn flakes.

Method: The practice of this red date and wolfberry porridge is simpler. You only need to boil the red dates and wolfberry into the soup, add soybean milk, and finally add the corn flakes.

Tips: I believe everyone knows the blood-enriching effects of red dates and wolfberry. Red dates and wolfberry are very beneficial to the human body. Together with soy milk and corn, they have a very high nutritional value, which is very beneficial for breast enhancement and can help double rooms.Develop again.

[4]Fruit oatmeal ingredients: walnuts, fresh fruit diced, milk, almond oatmeal.

Method: Very delicious fruit oatmeal is also very simple. After heating the milk, add walnuts, almond oatmeal and fruit grains to complete.

Tip: Fruit oatmeal is very nutritious, both supplementing protein and rich in vitamins.

The combination of walnuts and almonds is perfect. Coupled with super nutritious cereal, it is very helpful for breast enhancement!

[5]Spinach trotter millet porridge material: trotter, spinach, rice millet, broth, salt.

Method: Wash the spinach first, add boiling water to the pot and add the spinach for one minute, then take it out and chop it.

Mix and wash the rice, clean the trotters, cook with the rice and the broth. After the porridge is cooked, add the spinach and stir well before you eat.
Tip: The trotters are rich in protein and collagen. Two things are essential for breast enhancement.

It can add vitamins together with spinach. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Super delicious spinach trotters and millet porridge.