Cold hands and feet can lead to infertility?

Teach you three warm-up points

Cold hands and feet can lead to infertility?
Teach you three warm-up points

Now many places are snowing and the weather is getting colder.

Many of my friends began to feel chilly, and their hands and feet began to cool down, especially when they were sleeping at night.

Cold hands and feet, if not prevented in time, will lead to mental disability, body chills, for women, cold hands and feet will lead to less menstruation, irregular menstruation, and even infertility.

Both said that the hands and feet are warm, the whole body is warm, but everyone knows that a certain method can make the hands and feet quickly warm up?

Let’s take a look today!

The three warm-up points treat cold hands and feet, mainly in promoting blood circulation, dredging meridians, and improving blood circulation and metabolism.

Massage method can improve the coldness of hands and feet. If you regularly massage the following 3 acupuncture points, it can have a good effect.

1, according to the Puyang pond acupoints: it is located on the wrist of the back of the hand.

The specific method is to tilt the hand upwards, and several wrinkles appear on the wrist. Insert it on the wrinkle near the back of the hand. At the center, you will find a tender point. This point is the Yangchi point.

Role: Yangchi Point is an important acupoint for the body’s blood circulation and hormone secretion.

As long as you stimulate this acupuncture point, quickly and smoothly smooth the blood circulation and gently the body.

Massage this hole, also effectively treat headache, wrist pain, mouse hand, dry mouth.

揉Press the method: When stimulating the Yangchi point, it should be carried out slowly, the time should be long, and the intensity should be slow.

First press the middle finger of the other hand to press the Yangchi hole of the other hand, and then change the middle finger of the other hand to press the Yangchi hole of the hand.

Try it in winter, stick to it several times a day, and warm up all day.

2, according to sputum qi acupoints acupoints: gas rushing points located in the thigh root side, 5 inches in the umbilicus, 2 inches from the front centerline.

There is a bouncing artery under the hole, which is the inguinal artery.

Role: Qi Chong points, is an outlet for qi and blood.

Regular massage of gas and acupoints, you can ventilate down, the blood will be transported to the legs and legs, which will lead to the role of warm legs, is very beneficial to promote blood circulation in the legs.

In addition, the hole also relieves abdominal pain, bowel, kidney gas, irregular menstruation, infertility, impotence, insulin pill swelling and pain.

揉Press the method: If you want to keep your feet warm, you can press the sputum and then press the iliac artery, and use the method of loosening and pressing to alternately press the sputum and spurt until the squatting foot feels hot.
3, acupoints in the Yongyongquan point: Yongquan point is located in the center of the foot, when the foot is in front of the foot depression, about the first 1/3 of the 2nd and 3rd toe of the sole of the foot and the heel of the heelAfter the 2/3 intersection.

Role: Most of the body’s meridians are collected in the soles of the feet, and are closely related to the organs, tissues and organs of the body.

In particular, it stimulates the Yongquan point, which has a good effect on tonifying the kidney and strengthening the yang.

Sticking to the more Yongquan Springs will reduce the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

揉Press the method: Quickly rub your hands in the morning and evening, preferably until there is a sense of heat, then rub your toes 100 times.

It is better to promote blood circulation by adding some lotion or baby oil during massage.

Other methods to alleviate the cold 1. Diligently, when the feet are cold or sitting, you can also move your fingers from time to time, licking your hands and swinging your feet, which can promote blood circulation, help blood circulation, and take warmth.
2, ginger water soaking feet 21:00 to 23:00 before going to bed, use hot water to soak your feet, each time add four or five pieces of ginger or about 10 grams of leaves.

Note: Do not use the general basin for the foot bath, use a bucket that is at least 1 foot high, and prepare a pot of boiling water around the bubble, and keep adding it to the bucket so that the water temperature is always a little hot.At least for more than 15 minutes, the slightest sweating effect on the head.

After soaking your feet, it is best to go to bed in 10 minutes and pay attention to the warmth of your feet.

If you stick this foot for 1 month, you will have an unexpected harvest!

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