[Grain Mill Health Food Recipes Encyclopedia]_ 五谷 磨坊 _How to match

[Grain Mill Health Food Recipes Encyclopedia]_ 五谷 磨坊 _How to match

As people’s awareness of health is getting higher and higher, people have begun to pay attention to all aspects of life, and the most important point of health is to eat and drink, and then people take food as the sky.

And now people are no longer eating refined noodles such as rice noodles. People are eating grains and cereals for conditioning their stomachs and so on.

Then let’s introduce the Daquan mill health diet recipes.

I. Whole grains health formula Milling formula 1, spleen appetizer diet formula: red dates, barley, Huaishan, buckwheat 2, laxative detox diet formula: Huaishan, black sesame, oats, buckwheat, coarse rice, pueraria 3, tonicZhi diet formula: walnut, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, ginkgo 4, skin whitening diet formula: wheat germ, white peony, grape seed, oat, white Poria 5, slimming diet formula :, winter melon powder, konjac powder, lotus leaf powder yam,Hawthorn dried grains health formula Milling powder formula 6, beauty beauty therapeutic formula: black sesame, almond, Poria, indica rice, ginkgo, walnuts, red dates, pueraria 7, kidney deficiency kidney formula: wolfberry, black beans, shouwu, Zhishi, pumpkin seeds, Walnut, black sesame 8, blood pressure lowering, blood fat, blood sugar diet formula: Ginkgo biloba, buckwheat, starch rice, Poria, black sesame, soybeans, walnut 9, breast enhancement diet formula: grape seed, dried papaya, cucumber seed 10, heat and dampnessTherapeutic formula: Poria, Indica rice, lotus seed grains and cereals health formula milled formula 11, anemia and blood supplement diet formula: wolfberry, black rice, red dates, black sesame, Shouwu,Red beans, 12, slimming diet formula: oatmeal, coarse rice, Huaishan, red beans, buckwheat, mung beans and black sesame one, grain and cereal health formula flour formula 13, Chinese jujube powder: black rice, black beans, red dates, wolfberry, peanuts andWalnut (nourishing classic, red face formula) package features: moisturizing and soothe the nerves, protect eyesight, enhance immune disease, nourish blood, and strengthen resistance.

14, Huaishan green tea powder: green tea, peanuts, barley, black beans, coarse rice, pumpkin seeds (detoxification slimming, coriander formula) package features: can reduce fiber, laxative detoxification, fine diet, easy to eat greasy, easy to produce satisfactionTo keep your body fit.

15, multi-grain coarse fiber powder: buckwheat, soybeans, oats, corn, peanuts (lipid-lowering and antihypertensive, three low formula) package features: hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should eat.

Obese, constipation should eat.

16. Assorted powder: lotus seeds, barley, Poria, Poria, black sesame, walnut, black rice, whole grains health formula Milling formula: 17, beauty: black sesame, walnut, poria, coix seed, ginkgo, almond, almond, red dateKudzu roots are freely matched with a warm reminder: Ginkgo and almonds have a special flavor, and pay attention to whether their own taste is acceptable when formulating.

18, baby: Huaishan, barley kernels, coarse rice, black sesame, walnuts mix and match.

Warm reminder: babies from 4 months to 1 year old should not be too complicated when formulating, 2-3 kinds can be.

19. Tonifying kidney and strengthening: wolfberry, coriander, black beans, shouwu, pumpkin seeds, black sesame, and walnuts. 20, spleen appetizer: Huaishan, Poria, jujube, coix seed.

Feel free to match.
Tips: Children with weak spleen and stomach can cause loss of appetite and indigestion. Such children should eat more spleen food21, soothe the nerves: lotus seeds, coriander, Poria, red dates, soybeans, black sesame.Babies ca n’t eat, lotus seeds, people who have loose stools should eat less 22, brain-building puzzles: black sesame, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, ginkgo freely mix with powder ground into small particles, it is best to eat it with honey stains, butRed milk, soy milk 23, anemia and blood: red dates, wolfberry, black rice, black beans, black sesame, Shouwu mix and match.