What should you pay attention to in the case of hand, foot and mouth disease?

What should you pay attention to in the case of hand, foot and mouth disease?

What is the guide to hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus in the body. It occurs mostly in preschool children, especially in the age group under 3 years old.

The main symptoms are maculopapular rash and herpes in the hands, feet, mouth and other parts.

In a few cases, meningitis, encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, pulmonary edema, and circulatory disorders may occur.

In addition to spring, summer is also a high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease. How to prevent parents from facing the hand and foot?

Hand, foot and mouth disease mainly spreads through food, nose and mouth droplets and contact.

Therefore, the following measures should be taken for prevention: 1: Pay attention to the nutrition of infants and young children, rest, prevent excessive fatigue and reduce the body’s resistance, regulate the spleen and stomach, and treat the food early; 2: Before and after meals, use soap or hand soap after going out.Wait for the baby to wash your hands, don’t let the baby drink raw water, eat cold food, avoid contact with sick infants; 3: Change the diaper for young children before touching the children, wash hands after handling the feces, and properly handle the dirt;4: Bottles for infants and young children should be fully cleaned before and after use; 5: In the public places where there is no infants and children gathering during the epidemic of hand, foot and mouth, and the air circulation is poor, pay attention to keep the home environment sanitary, and the room should be frequently ventilated and diligent.Clothes: 6: Children should go to the medical institution for symptoms in time. Parents should promptly dry or disinfect the clothes of the children, and disinfect the stools of the children in time; the children with mild diseases do not need to be hospitalized, and should be treated at home.Take a break to reduce cross-infection.

Attention should be paid to the treatment of mild children at home: parents should pay attention to carefully observe the changes in the condition, and take care and diet.

Hand, foot and mouth disease mainly spreads through the digestive tract, respiratory tract and contact. During the illness, it is necessary to pay attention to isolation and avoid cross infection.

Take proper rest, light diet, and do oral and skin care.

When observing the condition, pay special attention to the child’s mental state, changes in body temperature, whether there is difficulty breathing, headache, vomiting, physical discomfort, etc.

If you have the above performance, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Diet conditioning should be appropriately selected according to the period of onset.

In the early stage of the disease, the child has a mouthache, refuses to eat, and the diet is mainly milk, soy milk, rice soup, egg-flower soup and other liquid foods. Eat less and eat more meals, maintain basic nutritional needs, reduce mouth pain when eating, food is not hot, noCool, taste is not salty, not spicy, not sour, sucking with a straw, can reduce the contact between food and oral mucosa; general incidence 2?
After 3 days, the mouth was relieved, and the diet was mainly semi-liquid food.

Such as rice paste, rice porridge, rotten noodles and so on.

Can also give milk banana paste, milk provides high-quality protein, banana is easy to make a paste, put into crushing, carotene and pectin, can provide heat, vitamins, and laxative; when the disease enters the recovery period, the diet mustA small amount of meals, to meet the nutritional needs of children, the right amount of food in the semi-liquid food, eggs, broken tofu, broken mushrooms, etc., gradually return to normal diet.

The diet during the illness has a “taboo” saying that it is completely vegetarian, and excludes nutrients such as milk and eggs. The nutritional quality is insufficient, which is not conducive to the recovery of children. It is basically completely “taboo”.