[0 calorie snack]_ low energy _ kind

[0 calorie snack]_ low energy _ kind

The calorie content of snacks is determined according to the snacks we choose. For chocolate and nougat, these calories are relatively high, and fried foods and biscuits are relatively high. The calories of juice and drinks are relatively high.It will be a little lower, so for female friends who want to lose weight, they should eat snacks less, because snacks have higher calorie content than food and are not easy to digest.

Chocolate biscuits: Do you feel hungry every time during tea time and come to a slice of chocolate biscuits?

Although books on weight loss say that snacks should be replaced with celery and carrot sticks, but these vegetables and fruits are healthy but tasteless, so take a few slices of your favorite chocolate biscuits to fill your hunger.

But you know, chocolate cookies contain a lot of sugar and a lot of fat.

If you use chocolate biscuits to satisfy your cravings every afternoon, it only takes six months to gain 7 kg of fat. If this lasts for a year, 14 kg of meat will follow you.

Behind the deliciousness is a trap of high migration waiting for you, and high-oil and high-sugar foods become easy to age.

Canned fruit juice: I know that vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, but I just do n’t bother to eat fruit.

Since you haven’t eaten fruit, use fruit juice instead.

However, replacing fruit with fruit juice does not allow you to ingest enough minerals and vitamins. This is because many minerals and vitamins have been lost during the process of fruit forming.

And the only remaining vitamins will be reduced due to the factors of light.

If you look closely at the canned fruit juice, you can see that most of the fruit juice is concentrated and reduced, and it also adds a lot of sugar.

So, if you think drinking fruit juice is more nutritious and come in a can every day, the high sugar content in the juice will make you gain 12 kilograms of body weight after one year.

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is the most commonly used drink. Of course, when you eat burgers and fries, you must pair it with Coca-Cola; and when everyone gathers to share the deliciousness of pizza, you also use Coca-Cola to match the taste of pizza.

However, even without food, many people get into the habit of drinking a glass of cola a day.

This is because the caffeine and special formula in cola are easily addictive.

Although there are already low-calorie colas on the market, many people still cannot adapt to the special flavor with sugar.

If you can’t live without Coke for a day, it’s best to do more exercise to consume the excess track.

Because one can a day can make you gain 8 kilos a year later.

What’s more terrible is that drinking Coke will not only make you feel full, but the heavy flavor of Coke will also make you eat more food.

Not only Coke, other soft drinks, Qixi and so on are also good to drink less.

Beer: When friends are having dinner together or singing, beer is inevitable.

However, drinking only one can of beer a day would cost 7 kilos a year later.

This is why beer is called liquid bread, and people who drink beer often get a heavy beer belly.

Except for impurities in beer, it contains almost no nutrients, so it does not help your health except to make you fat.

If you want to taste the malt smell of beer, it is best to taste it. Do not develop the habit of drinking beer every day, and do not drink beer before bedtime, because beer has a diuretic effect, drinking before bedtime will cause a lot of water to accumulate.The body also causes frequent urination at night.