Also 9 movements of your perfect curve

Also 9 movements of your perfect curve

Looking at it, don’t take it seriously, our body will sing against our healthy and beautiful wishes.

Are you busy with work and socializing, do you have a moment to breathe?

Here are 9 simple breath and body exercises that allow you to better restore energy and strength in a gentle way, creating a beautiful body curve.

  First, effective deep breathing, close your eyes and stand upright, try your best to exhale all the gas in the lungs, then slowly inhale, fill it with your abdomen, thorax and cheekbones, keep this state, relax and jump, just like the action of a puppet.
When you can’t hold on, you exhale deeply.

This is done three times, then breathing normally and opening both eyes.

This exercise can compress the effect of wide-chest and abdomen, and it is ideal for resisting fatigue and awakening the vitality of the body.

  Second, to promote psychological sensitivity lying flat, hands flat on the abdomen, the heart is silent 5, through the nose long and slow inhalation, when the lungs and abdomen are filled with gas, the fingers are separated.

Inspiratory state for 5 seconds, then exhale through the mouth.

This cycle is acceptable 10 times.

This traditional way of relaxation not only has a good effect on eliminating excess meat, but also slows down the heartbeat frequency, frees the energy circulation, and calmly supplies oxygen to the brain, making the idea clear.

  Third, the muscles of the limbs are lying flat, the body and legs are gently separated, the palms are turned to the ceiling, the eyes are closed, and three deep breaths are made, and the body is completely emptied after each exhalation.

Then from the toes to the top of the head, tighten a little and relax the muscles, and carefully feel each transfer.

For the movement of the shoulder and head muscles, use rotation instead of tightening.

This is an effective exercise to develop soft body, with a strong relaxation, while at the same time relieve tension.

  Fourth, look up and walk a small bag of rice or a book on the head and go forward, in order to maintain balance, you can hold by hand.

Feel the feeling of this vertical medium stress and time.

This exercise has a good effect on shaping the spine and improving the instrument.

  Fifth, let the calf become longer bare feet or wear socks to close the eyes and stand upright on the floor, lift the heel, and try to support the body intervention with the toes as much as possible.

Put down your heel, lift it again, and repeat it several times.

In the process of finding a sense of balance, your calf muscles are well stretched.

  Sixth, joint training slowly raises one foot and takes a step lightly.

In this extremely slow movement, how does the foot feel, what is the feeling from the heel to the tip of the toe, what is the feeling of each joint (toe, toe, twist, ankle, shoulder and part)?Is it different?

This exercise can help you develop a starting point that has never been noticed before, making them more flexible and flexible.

  Seven, shrinking the shoulder arm to rise a number of shoulders, feeling the change between them, the feeling of comfort will follow.

The front is the part that bears the pressure. Try to walk on the shoulders absolutely relaxed, avoid frowning, and avoid the natural balance of the arms to maintain a graceful posture.

  Eight, Miao Cong is the instrument that closes his eyes and stands upright. He feels that he can see the farthest place, gently open his eyes and look at the farthest place he imagined when closing his eyes.

Repeat this several times.

At the same time, it can cooperate with the head movement, try to tilt the head forward and then tilt it back and forth, and rotate it left and right for a long time.

  Nine, the role of consciousness while walking on the rhythm of breathing, do not consider to adjust it.

Is the time of inhalation longer than the time of exhalation?

Is there a break in the middle?

Is breathing normal?

Feel how the air enters and drains your body.

This simple conscious behavior will gradually help your breath to achieve the most comfortable rhythm of the body, improving the pleasure of the entire body.

  Our body is a complex, each “parts” must be timely refueling, lubrication and exercise, just give them a little time and space every day, stick to it, you will get unexpected results.