Autumn and winter exercise to prevent three major injuries

Autumn and winter exercise to prevent three major injuries

Heart pressure autumn and winter is the high season of high blood pressure.

The data show that the incidence of high blood pressure in winter is 50% higher than in summer.

During this period of sudden and large-scale exercise, it will cause additional pressure on the heart, reduce blood supply capacity, cause hypoxia in the body, and increase the incidence of morbidity.

It is recommended to perform low-intensity aerobic exercises before exercise, and gradually transition to strength training. After vertical exercise, it is necessary to perform slow walking and other exercises to restore blood pressure stability.

  Muscle strain in the autumn and winter sports, due to the cold weather, the human muscle contraction tensile performance is poor.

If the sudden stimulation of the body is suddenly unprepared, it is particularly prone to strain and tear of the muscles and ligaments.

After a muscle strain occurs, local pain, tenderness, swelling, muscle tension, fractures, dysfunction, etc. may occur, and severe wounds may cause subcutaneous hemorrhage.

So, warm-up exercises are slightly longer than usual, extending to 15?
20 minutes.

  Cold and cold in autumn and winter, whether in the gym or outdoor exercise, you should pay attention to the problem of colds.

It is more prone to sweating during this season due to the change in temperature difference.

When you are exercising, if you want to reduce your clothes, don’t take too much off at once.

You should wait until your body is fully heated before you can gradually reduce your clothes.

In addition, you should keep warm after sweating, do not wear wet clothes for a long time.