2015 NBA Finals is Cavaliers vs. Warriors? Little Wharton: Emphasizing restrictions on Zhuang

2015 NBA Finals is Cavaliers vs. Warriors? Little Wharton: Focus on restricting Zhan Huang
According to the “San Francisco Chronicle”, the East and West are finally in full swing, and the Cavaliers and Warriors are only one step away from the finals.As an assistant coach of the Warriors, Luke Wharton said in an interview that now they have done a lot of scouting analysis for the Cavaliers. Of course, the focus of the analysis is still on LeBron James.The Warriors have studied in advance Cavaliers Warriors coach Cole said that he rarely spends time watching the Eastern Conference finals, but assistant Luke Walton said he has put a lot of energy into it.Wharton is the youngest member of the Warriors coaching staff. During the regular season, he was mainly responsible for the Cavaliers’ scout report.If the Warriors face the Cavaliers in the finals, then he will be the main person in charge of the team’s video lessons.  During regular games, scouting is to watch the games of the five teams we have recently played against. The main observation is how they played at the crucial moment, Wharton space.In the playoffs, every coach of the team is involved. I am mainly responsible for preparing various video clips for the coaches.Of course, our coaching staff meets, and everyone has their own video clips to be responsible for.  When the Warriors assign scouting reports to the coaching staff, the main criterion is the coaches’ familiarity with other teams.For Wharton, he is mainly responsible for the Lakers, Knicks and Cavaliers.The Lakers are his former club, where he has won two championships with the team, because he played under Zen Phil Jackson, he also knows more about the triangle offense.In the final year of his career, Wharton spent time with the Cavaliers. He used to be teammates with Irving and Tristan Thompson.  But now the Cavaliers have undergone earth-shaking changes, even different from during the regular season.In the middle of the season, the team got JR Smith and Chambert through a deal, but in the first round of the playoffs, they damaged the general Kevin Love.They are indeed completely different, Wharton said.Therefore, we have to do a lot of video work.  The NBA Finals will only start on June 5th. Even yesterday, the Warriors failed to sweep the Rockets, but if they advance to the next game, they will have a rest period of nearly 1 week, which will alsoConducive to the preparation of the coaching staff.  For Wharton Jr., his main goal is to help the team find ways to limit James.I will definitely provide some personal points of view, such as Wharton Jr., but he refused to reveal the specifics.(Gesang)