Which is more difficult to sleep and exercise?

Which is more difficult to sleep and exercise?

After a long period of work, people will feel very tired and can’t wait to sleep for three days, but many people find that the effect of “sleeping for three days” is not as good as one can imagine. After a long day on the weekends and holidays,The whole person is still in a state of exhaustion and exhaustion.

Some people also advocated sports. After sweating, it seems that they have taken away the fatigue of one body.

So, which one is more difficult to sleep and exercise?

“The lack of consciousness” is not the cause of fatigue. The hospital psychopsychologist said: The cause of fatigue cannot be directly equated with “missing”.

In the various states of the human body, “tiredness” is one of the outstanding manifestations of external performance.

Construction workers will be tired when moving brick walls, and office white-collar workers will be tired when they catch up with a business case.

What is the reason for “tired”?

Many people feel that they feel exhausted because they take up rest and sleep.

In fact, the human body feels tired because of lack of sleep.

Poor sleep quality, physical fatigue, and other brain fatigue can also cause the body to give a “tired” alarm.

Sleeping can really achieve the purpose of rest, but sleeping for too long, it will cause the opposite effect, resulting in the “sleep more tired” situation.

“Complementary sleep and rest” is more suitable for manual workers. “Sleeping is indeed a way for the body to rest effectively. After a good night’s sleep, the whole person is refreshed.

“Doctors explain that one third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Sleep is the main way to eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength. It has an irreplaceable effect on the brain, heart, skin, growth and mental health.”.
However, the role of “filling sleep” is not omnipotent. For manual workers, sleeping is an ideal way to rest.

Due to long-term dry and heavy physical activity, a lot of acidic substances are produced in the human body, and sleeping can clear these metabolic wastes and restore energy.

For mental workers, the way to supplement sleep to relieve fatigue is not the “best choice.”

The cerebral cortex of the mental work family is continuously in a state of high excitement, but the body is in a state of low excitement, and the mental stress is relatively large, and it is impossible to achieve the purpose of rejuvenation by simply sleeping.

A doctor who is more tired and tired of physical fatigue said that the average person’s effective sleep time is about 8 hours a day. If the sleep time is too long, the situation of “sleeping more and more tired” will occur.

Due to long-term sleep, the human body is in a state of relaxation of the brain and inhibition of various organs, causing blood circulation and organ complications.

In addition, there is no shortage of patients with sleep disorders in the “sleeping more tired” group, and even the whole day does not achieve a good solution. At this time, professional doctors are needed.

If it is a mental disorder caused by sleep disorders, you should consult a psychiatrist; pathological causes of sleep disorders, this sleep apnea syndrome, should go to respiratory therapy to eliminate fatigue.

The doctor who relies on the best “dynamic and static” to relieve fatigue is that it is best to “prevent the right medicine” according to the different causes of fatigue when relieving fatigue.

Manual workers can choose to sleep and relax the soothing movements of the muscles as a way to rest.

The Night Cat Party, which is nocturnal, can sleep prematurely before staying up late. In the process of staying up late, you should learn to take time to sleep. It is helpful to take a few minutes or a break of one or two hours.

But for mental workers, the best way to alleviate “brain fatigue” should be aerobic exercise.

“Brain fatigue” is caused by long-term use of the brain, which is likely to cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain. It is characterized by dizziness and memory loss.

At this point, you can let the brain rest in a moment to relax the tight nerves.

It is also possible to properly carry out some moderate-intensity aerobic exercises such as doing exercises, taking walks, etc. to increase the oxygen content in the blood and ensure a large amount of oxygen supply to the brain.

White-collar workers who work all day, the body’s metabolic capacity and blood circulation will also be worse, cervical vertebrae and other problems will also occur, appropriate aerobic exercise can also strengthen the body.

However, the old Chinese medicine reminds everyone that the intensity of aerobic exercise should not be too large, and the time should be half an hour. Excessive exercise can cause physical fatigue.