Stunned spring sleep may wish to do a set of brain surgery

Stunned spring sleep may wish to do a set of brain surgery

The horror of the Spring Festival does not hinder the person who is doing a set of brain-wound exercises. In the near future, people may be often sleepy and weak, sleepy and wake up in the morning. This is what the folks often say.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Only by ensuring a good night’s sleep can you be energetic and productive.

Expert advice: citizens go to bed early and get up early, often stretch their limbs, walk slowly, breathe fresh air, make their spirits happy, pay attention to the regulation of emotions, keep calm, keep the liver fire, protect the liver and enhance the body.Resist the disease and keep fit.

Brainstorming: How to improve the sleepy state of sleepiness and drowsiness.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wake up and do the following set of “awake exercises” to let yourself be refreshed through the spring.

Initially, after rubbing your face with both hands, heat your face.

Put your fingers together, put your hands side by side, cover your face, it seems that you are not connected, your hands are not touching, and you can move up and down once and for a total of six times.

This method can adjust the spirit, remove wrinkles and lift your face.

The second step is to hold the combing head according to the Fengfu acupoint. After grasping the scalp with the fingertips, the two hands are side by side, the ten fingers are separated, and the hair is combed from the front to the back, and then the two fingers are pressed to the lower three times.Do it a total of six times.

This method helps the brain to wake up and balance blood pressure.

The third step is to rub the forehead and bend the index finger of both hands. Take the middle section of the index finger and stick it to the forehead and use the soft force to divide the two sides to the temple. After rubbing the temple, squatting three times, and reversing the three circles for one time, a total of three times.The law can remove brains and prevent colds.

In the fourth step, the eyeballs are closed slightly, and then the eyeball rotates six times in the opposite direction. After six rotations in the reverse direction, the two hands use the big fish to rotate and massage the two eyelashes, and then reverse and then turn six turns.

This method can protect liver qi, eyesight, kidney, people’s spirit is good.

In the fifth step, the two sides of the nose and the thumb are rubbed into the heat, and the upper and lower sides of the nose are rubbed to the heat, and then the index finger is pressed to the heat.

This method can promote lungs, stop coughing, in addition to body heat, prevent colds.

In the sixth step, the two index fingers of the point-bearing pulp point are respectively from the lower part of the two ear parts, and after the S-shaped path is transferred to the external auditory canal, the external auditory canal is temporarily disconnected, and suddenly pulled out once, after repeated six times, and then the left hand is used (Female) Use your right hand) index finger to press the pulp point to heat.

Expert advice: As much as possible, as the temperature increases, the humidity increases, and various bacterial viruses begin to multiply.

If the continuous doors and windows are closed, or the air circulation is poor, it is easy to cause disease, so you should open the window and ventilate.