[20-year-old lumbar vertebral compression fractures, what to eat fast]_How to eat_How to eat

[20-year-old lumbar vertebral compression fractures, what to eat fast]_How to eat_How to eat

Lumbar vertebral compression fracture refers to a type of spinal fracture with the vertebral body height and “squashing” as the main manifestation. It is also the most common type of spinal fracture.

It mostly occurs in children and the elderly, and this disease also occurs in young and middle-aged people.

It seriously affects people’s daily lives, and the disease is curable.

I want a fracture to be faster, what can I eat in my daily diet?

1. Patients with lumbar spine fractures can usually eat more nutrients that contain enhanced bone strength, muscle strength, and improved recovery.

In a word, it is a food that can maintain nutritional balance. In particular, it should contain calcium, protein, vitamin B family, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These nutrients are not vitamins.

2. Patients with lumbar fractures have reduced a certain amount of activity due to illness, so the absorption of diet should be appropriately reduced, especially for patients who are bedridden in the acute stage. In addition to reduced activity, digestive function is also significantly reduced, and slow peristalsis occurs., Eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes, eat less meat and slightly higher food as much as possible, because it is easy to cause dry stools and strong defecation.

Lumbar fracture diet precautions 1, avoid overweight: medical researchers repeated body scattering studies show that the body structure of the body shows that the net weight of the body (excluding a small amount of body weight) decreases with aging, while the elderly in real life are more fatThin and thin.

Because obesity is also one of the important causes of waist and leg pain in middle-aged and elderly people, you should limit your diet, maintain weight, and avoid being overweight.

Lumbar fracture diet considerations 2, control the overall change: If the quality and quantity of the diet can not be scientifically matched, then too much is a sustainable result.

Lumbar Fracture Diet Note 3, Quit smoking: More and more data show that smoking is one of the causes of chronic low back pain, and it affects the treatment effect.